Beautiful Rooms for any Garden!

By applying over 30 years experience of fast-track construction plus innovative materials and techniques, we bring you The Ultimate Garden Room! We understand that you want quality without frustrating delays, disruption to your life and lovely builders making a mess both inside and outside your house. Our solution is fast, clean and approved. Why waste both time and money getting Planning Permission when you can have an extra room this month? There are no fees, forms or fuss – just a high quality space ready to use.

ultimate garden room

No Planning Permission

Avoid headaches with planning and have a top quality, luxury garden room, specific to your own requirements. All built and delivered in days!

ultimate garden room

Durable & Low Maintenance

There is nothing to maintain as all external finishes are factory applied and guaranteed for 30+ years, however, you may wish to wash the outside with soapy water to maintain the beautiful colour.

ultimate garden room


Rooms have U Values similar to your house, are completely water resistant and fire proof – more than you could say for a leaky timber shed or a freezing concrete box!


New Custom Room in Your Garden

We build quality rooms to make the most of your garden space.

Do you want a bigger house but don’t want to move?

A high return investment in the value of your home. Get more space – without having to move house.

Do you want an extension without planning, builders costs and disruption?

No planning permission required. Modular, flexible and maintenance free.

2700 standard colour combinations

Plus unlimited other finishes

Interior design service available

From Office to Playroom, we can make your room suit your special requirements

No foundations, mess or noise during installation

No disruption or mess – constructed off site and assembled in days.

Rapid installation and relocation (if required)

Moving house? bring your garden room with you!

No maintenance and very energy efficient

Compliant with all regulations – efficient, safe and secure.


The cladding and structure are completely fire resistant or Class 1 to protect you and the contents from bonfires or fireworks. All the glazing and profiles meets or exceeds current regulations.


In addition to fire safety, all fixings are high performance stainless steel or powder coated and doors have Euro Standard locks. The structure is rot, fungal and vermin proof and not damaged by water.

Energy Performance

 U Values throughout are similar to a cavity wall construction and the building requires less than 500w to maintain a pleasant 19 degree internal temperature, even if sub-zero outside!


The materials used are designed for much larger buildings but are ideal for garden rooms as they are light in weight yet incredibly strong. Fixing methods enable the buildings to be dismantled in the future and relocated if required, even including the base – just reseed the ground where it was!


The standard cladding range looks like fine timber but performs like stone. In addition to the standard colours the planks can be plain or wood-grain or any RAL Colour. Roof and fascia is available in a wide range of complimentary colours to suit. Finally, doors and windows can be wood grain, standard colour, metallic or custom finished, all depending on style, budget & timescale.


Everything from how it is delivered, assembled, supported and finished is designed to be make it the best room for impossible locations. The components are factory finished to reduce on-site time and disruption while maintaining high standards of fit and finish.

About Ultimate Garden Rooms

Our Company

Fast track construction is in our DNA as we have over 30 years of experience constructing high quality workplaces in demanding environments. Combining this expertise with innovative new products has created the Ultimate Garden Room.

Foundations, structure, cladding and interior finishes are all cutting edge solutions enabling off-site manufacture and rapid on-site assembly. These high performance materials meet our demanding criteria of long life, low maintenance and minimal environmental impact. We tried and tested each element to guarantee they make the Ultimate Garden Room.

Our Services

Once we survey and assess a site, all messy and disruptive works are completed off-site so we can deliver the components ready for our skilled staff to install. Deliveries and staff movement through your property are kept to a minimum and we carefully protect your premises during the 5 days of initial construction.

Approvals are not required so there are no delays or fees to be considered plus we are happy to dismantle and relocate your Ultimate Garden Room in the future!

Our Partners

Carefully chosen for best in their field, unique or excellent value our supply partners enable us to provide a truly unique solution. These industry leading manufacturers ensure that performance and quality control are of the highest standard with the benefit of UK stockholding.

Each supplier tests and warrants their product and we have selected the optimum combination to create the most cost effective solution. We trust them to supply and for us to deliver!

Have any type of Room you want...

This will depend on your intended use (or uses!) and we offer a design service to show what is possible – here is a list of the uses we have applied so far:
  • Yoga / exercise studio
  • Office
  • Meeting room
  • Library
  • Workshop
  • Cinema
  • Music room
  • Craft studio
  • Overnight accommodation
  • Secure store
  • Playroom
  • Games room
  • Plant propagation



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